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Professional References

"Brenda does an excellent job of connecting with her audiences and in providing workable solutions to issues faced by parents and those who provide services to individuals affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her approaches get results. People who have attended the workshops Brenda has offered for Region 17 Education Service Center have commented on getting results using her approaches. Her workshops continue to be talked about and remembered long after they are over." April 6, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Dr. David Jenkins, LLSP
Education Service Center Region 17
(David hired Brenda as a Staff Development specialist first in 2004 and has used her services more than once.)

Her workshops continue to be talked about and remembered long after they are over.

"Brenda Batts and Jeannine Boss are two amazing women who offer a "hands on," personal touch, and total systems approach to supporting kids' behavior. Their workshops show parents and teachers ways to offer our special needs children the opportunity to increase their independence in multiple environments. Their workshop is interactive and get ready for a new set of eyes!!"

Jill Burt
(ASCC) Autism Society of Collin County
Plano, Texas

"Brenda is a parent of a disabled student in our district. She has been employed as an in-home training specialist for students with autism and/or pervasive developmental disorder. We also recruited Brenda to serve as a co-facilitator at a monthly parent workshop for parents of students with Autism . She has been a wonderful asset to our school district and community in all these roles. We truly hate to see her leave our area.

Parents highly respect Brenda for her parenting skills and ability to teach her techniques to others. She is frequently requested as an in-home trainer by parents who know her. As a former Special Education teacher, she brings a dual perspective to her work for our district. Her knowledge of Special Education regulations and procedures allow her to communicate clearly to parents and staff while providing the empathy only her experience could afford."

Linda Noy
Supervisor of Special Education
Round Rock Independent School District
Round Rock, Texas

References from Parents

Hi Brenda. I just wanted to let you know that our daughter Madeleine is officially potty trained! We followed the steps outlined in your seminar, and within a week she was trained! Thank you so much for your helpful guidelines. It made all the difference.

Plano Independent School District
Jan. 30, 2004

"Brenda Batts is extremely knowledgeable on autism. She had many ideas on how to set up Jeff's bedroom, bathroom, and other parts of the house to make him more self-sufficient. She worked personally and patiently with Jeff, often sitting on the floor with Jeff, to help him with an activity. We have nothing but the highest praise for Brenda's dedication to Jeff."

Randy and Sheilia G.

"Brenda Batts did an excellent job preparing us on how to better work with Conner and support his needs. Brenda was patient and listened to our concerns and gave us valuable input."

Shanna R.
Plano, Texas

"I really felt encouraged by Mrs. Batts. It was very difficult for me not to blame myself for Sapphire's condition and she taught me effective ways to communicate with my child. I was especially thankful. I realize that Sapphire is a blessing and with the help of your program, I've been able to see just how smart she is and I began to realize that she is just as happy, now that she is able to communicate effectively with me. We've always been close, but now we are much closer."

Georgia F.

More Parent Comments

"Brenda Batts is a very unique individual with knowledge of Autism from both the parent and teacher side. She is very positive encouragement for us, and the FOCUS support group has been integral to our success."

"She speaks with knowledge and experience and has some wonderful ideas and insights."

The FOCUS support group has been integral to our success.

"She has had many ideas on how to set up my son's bedroom and other parts of the house to help him become more self-sufficient."

Mrs. Batts anticipated all my needs and concerns regarding my child. I found her to be very professional, talented, creative, thoughtful, and kind."

"Clearly loves children. She came to our house, brought examples, always listened, shared materials, and helped our family to develop problem solving skills."

"Brenda Batts is an exceptional woman, with immense amount of knowledge, which she shares in a very comfortable, non-threatening manner."

"Brenda was wonderful. Not only does she have the educational experience, she also has the experience of a parent of a child with special needs. I would highly recommend her."